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Ann Summers

Annsummers Ann Summers logo sexy underwear lingerie costumes outfits bondage sextoys vibrators

Ann Summers is part of a sexual revolution and helps to empower women in the bedroom. I’ve personally been frequenting Ann Summers since I was a teen. I started by looking at the sexy lingerie and then as my sexual confidence increased I progressed to the back of the store. As a teenager I was intrigued by AnnSummers stores as I walked past them in the shopping centre with the lacy sexy underwear, beautiful models and the rumour that the back section of the store included sex toys. When you’re exploring your sexuality there was nothing more interesting and exciting than entering the Ann Summers shop. 


Ann Summers lingerie

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Whether you are after sexy underwear to every day seduction Ann Summers lingerie covers it all. includes bras, corsets and thongs. As I’ve personally been blessed with large boobs from when I was a teen, I needed to find a lingerie shop for the fuller bust. My school friends would go to H&M and other high street stores for their bras but at the time they had only created brassieres that went up to a C Cup. With a DD bra size I didn’t have many options other than in Debenhams or M&S’ fuller bust section. A lot of the larger bust styles at these stores were completely plain and almost ‘granny-ish’ to a teenager. If your local highstreet was fortunate to have a La Senza then you may be able to find a non nude or black coloured bra with very large straps. At the time Ann summers provided me and many others with an ability to wear bras designed for big boobs that were not only functional but very sexy lingerie. 

How do you know whether you are wearing the wrong size bra? 

bra definition fitting parts of bra hook eye band strap cups

As many of you women will know a good bra can make a whole difference to your life. On the contrary a bra that is too tight or loose can be a pain. According to research, around 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. Wearing the wrong size bra can lead to physical problems such as back ache and even breathing difficulties. Fortunately for us, Ann summers have staff fully capable of measuring the right size bra for you. 

Ann Summers bras have cup sizes that range between A and H making it a perfect store to shop at for those with the largest and smallest of busts. 

The cups
  • If your boobs are escaping your bra by spilling out of the cup, then your bra is too small. The cups should sit flat against the chest and not have any gaps. 
  • They shouldn’t be wrinkled and should follow your curves of your breasts. 
  • If your bra cups have wrinkles or is appearing baggy then your bra is too big and you aren’t receiving the support you need. 
Wires or no wires?
  • If the bra you’re looking at has wires in it you’ll need to ensure that they follow the curve of the breast at its base. 
  • You are more likely to benefit from a cup with underwire if you are of larger bust and require more support in your bra. 
  • If the wires are too far under or are sitting on top of your breast then you are at risk of lack of support and/or pinching.

ann summers bra fitting guide

Bra straps 
  • If your bra straps are constantly sliding down your shoulder then the band or cup could be too big. 
  • The straps should be supporting your bust without pinching or sliding. Make sure they are equal on both sides.
  • If you are noticing rubbing or chafing on your skin then there is a chance the bra is too tight. Try loosening the straps and/or band. If it’s still too tight then you should pop in and get a larger bra fitted. 


Band around your bra
  • The band should sit firm and comfortably against the skin, not too tight so you can get two fingers under it with a little resistance. If you’re struggling to get your fingers in then you’ll need to size up. 
  • The centre bra bridge must sit flat against your skin without digging in. If you can see a gap you’ll need to go up a bra size. 



What is an Ann Summers Party?

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Ann Summers Parties are classed as ‘the ultimate girls night in’ and being ‘ the most fun you can have with your clothes on.’ Ann Summers Parties were established in 1981 by Ann Summers CEO, Jacqueline Gold CBE. Gold had been present at a Tupperware Party where the idea of a Party Plan came to light.  For those of you who feel uncomforatble browsing through sex toys in a public store then perhaps parties are for you. Each week over 2,500 parties are held in the UK with over 5000 Ann Summers Ambassadors hosting them. 


What happens at an Ann Summers Party?

My first Ann Summers party was back in 2008 when I was 18 years old and studying for my University degree (college for the Americans out there). The Ann Summers Ambassador came to my University accommodation with a large selection of sex toys, lingerie and fancy dress. Our group of college girls were nervous and giggled with excitement. Our ambassador was really friendly and professional. It was quite clear she had had a lot of training and that she genuinely enjoyed her job! The Ann Summers ambassador’s confidence and ease with talking about sex. She was a great role model for a group of teens who are learning how to have a great sex life. 

With Halloween coming up she brought along fancy dress costumes for us to wear. What is a fancy dress party I hear you ask? A Fancy Dress party is a Costume party, not a party where you wear a posh outfit.

At the end of the party, our ambassador passed around an order form for us to fill in. We could order whatever we had seen at the party or in the catalogue. Some  of the sex toy items had an exclusive discount offer and there were greater discount offers the more you spent. Having hosted the party I was able to get 10% of the party sales to spend on Ann Summer’s products. As the party was free 

We also bought an inflatable penis for our all-girls flat because … well , why not? We were young and excited to finally have the freedom to explore our sexuality. 


“Ann Summers is the UK’s original Party Plan business, and now it’s better than ever before. When you join us as an Ann Summers Ambassador you have the support of one of the UK’s strongest brands, so you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. We’re more than a business. More than a brand. We’re more, more, MORE, and if that’s what you want, You’re in the right place.”


Ann Summers Ambassadors

If you’re at least 18 years of age you can join and become an Ann Summers Ambassador for £25.  No experience is required and Ann Summers provide free training and support. As an Ambassador, if you host a party once a week you can earn around £250.  If you have a family life or a full time job you can fit a party in to your own weekly or monthly schedule. Once you sign up, your local Ambassadors will give you a call within 72 hours to discuss your opportunity further. 


Ann Summers boasts that there is an Ann Summers Ambassador in every postcode in the Uk, making it easy to have a party regardless of your location. 

“If you want to earn money with no limitations join Ann Summers”


Ann summers fancy dress/ sexy costume

mean girls fancy dress costume Halloween I'm a mouse duh Amanda Seyfried

Another reason why everyone in my teenage years knew of Ann Summers was their fancy dress/ costume section. With the influence of American Halloween costume party tradition creeping over to the UK, more and more British teenagers were looking for sexy Halloween costumes. No longer could you dress as something scary or cute, you had to wear something sexy as possible for a Halloween party in order to attract attention. 

I would hope that in this day and age Women and men do not feel the pressure to wear a lingerie item, or something that reveals the entire body underneath the clothes. Sometimes giving your partner/ prospective partners the inability in being able to determine what sexy body is underneath your clothes gives more power to you! 

fancy dress sexy outfit

A lot of the Ann Summers sexy outfits are perfect for role play. Whether you want to dress up pretending to be a police officer / cop and using fluffy handcuffs to restrain your partner or whether you want to play doctors and nurses, Ann Summers fancy dress definitely has something for you. Ann Summers provides an array of stockings, corsets, fishnet tights and sexy outfits ready for you to explore or fulfil your kinks and fantasies.