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Most searched for Gay Pornstars of 2019

Most searched for Gay Pornstars of 2019 


Pornhub insights provide us useful statistics on what people like to watch. In this article we will be discussing the top 10 most searched for Gay Pornstars of 2019 according to Pornhub Gay. Which Gay Pornstar is your favourite? 


#10 Rafael Alencar

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Starting our countdown at number 10 of most searched for gay pornstars of 2019 is Rafael Alencar. He’s the first of two brazilian gay pornstars on this top ten list . You may think that Rafael looks as though he’s come straight out of a modelling campaign and you would be right in thinking this. You may have witnessed this insanely hot hunk showing off his big package in the signature tiny white Calvin Klein briefs. 

He has 46 scenes on and These popular gay pornsites are currently giving you membership to both sites during the slower production of gay porn due to Coronavirus. You will of course also find him on Pornhub Gay.


#9 Johnny Rapid

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Pornhub insight’s 9th most searched for gay pornstar of 2019 is poster boy Johnny Rapid. Johnny Rapid recently tweeted that he was going to quit the porn industry due to Coronavirus, he later reported on AVN that fortunately this was a joke and that he is ‘way too young and kinky’ to stop.  

Johnny Rapid, real name Hylan Anthony Taylor, identifies as a bisexual man having been previously a ‘gay for pay’ actor. The popular 27 year old has a huge following with over 150k followers on  instagram @johnnyrapidatl and 224 thousand twitter followers! Johnny Rapid is constanly creating porn resulting in 251 porn videos on as well as 260 gay scenes on He’s one of the only men on the list to be featured on Bromo. We loved him in ‘Johnny Goes bareback...Again!’. You can find him on Bromo, and Pornhub Gay.


#8 Colby Keller

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The 8th most searched for gay pornstar is none other than the quirky Colby Keller. Colby Keller’s real name is Richard John Sawka II and is the ripe age of 39. He started his pornographic career at Sean Cody, often referred to as the ‘ferrari of gay porn’. As well as being known for being a communist and having voted for Trump, Colby Keller has been in the limelight for some incredibly creative reasons. An example of this is in 2014 when Keller’s body was cast in silicone to produce a 30 foot long merman sculpture to resemble him. He also started producing a series of sex advice videos called ‘In Bed with Colby Keller’. Colby is so interesting we decided to produce a whole article on him. 

Having left the porn scene to pursue modelling, art projects and acting where can we find him? Fortunately there are still hundreds of gay scenes of Colby Keller available on the best gay pornsites. These include and Pornhub Gay. We particularly enjoyed his performance in the Justice League parody ‘Just Dick League’ where he played the Green Lantern. Check it out on

#7 Diego Sans

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Diego Sans has been popular for a while so we’re surprised he was only number 7 on the most searched gay pornstars. On Diego Sans and his big uncut cock is featured in 185 scenes alone!

This sexy brazilian loves being a top and is clearly on top of his game when it comes to influencing. He has over 150,000 followers on instagram and a huge twitter following. Fancy a laugh whilst being in lockdown? Check out this funny video in which he lip-syncs to  hit Beyonce song 'Pretty Hurts'.  


#6 Armond Rizzo

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At number 6 is Armond Rizzo, the sexy Latino pornstar who previously served in the Navy before diving into porn. At only 4’11” he proves that good things really do come in small packages. This Mexican uncut pornstar was previously in a relationship with fellow porn star Adam Russo but broke up due to their incompatibility.

We loved watching Armond Rizzo in’s 'Dueling Bottoms', an infamous straight to gay scene. People love what they can’t get and boy do these men love turning straight men gay.


#5 Rocco Steele

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The number 5 most searched gay pornstar is Rocco Steele. If you’ve ever wondered what a 10-inch cock with a 7 inch circumference looks like then look no further than this gay porn star. Having performed in gay movies since 2014, Rocco steele has become infamous in the gay porn industry. Rocco even won Gay Performer of the Year Xbiz award in 2016. 

Steele constantly plays daddy roles in porn movies and refers to himself as ‘King of all daddies’. At 50 years old and being hot, muscular ,tattooed and bearded he fits the sexy dad role perfectly. Find him on twitter @roccosteelenyc. 

If you’re a fan of his you’ll love him in the movie Eat Prey Fuck as he is featured in every scene. Catch him on Pornhub or


#4 Joey Mills

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Joey Mills is a young 21 year old pornstar featured on and pornhub gay. He is a classic twink being skinny, youthful, hairless and as pretty as a ken doll. Despite looking like a disney channel star and having been referred to as ‘the ultimate pretty boy’ he can be super naughty. His cock looks pretty large next to his slender frame. He is the 10th most viewed pornstar on and is constantly featured on the pornsites advertisements. 



#3 Austin Wolf

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Austin Wolf is the third most searched for pornstar on Pornhub Gay.  You may also have heard of his boyfriend fellow gay porn star Tyler wolf. The texan cowboy has a ripped muscular physique thanks to his fitness obsession and bodybuilding. At 6ft 4 and 247lbs Austin is huge in more ways than one.  Check out his latest progress on his instagram @austinwolfff or follow his twitter @austinwolfpack. 

Austin was in the news in 2018 for having sex with a Delta Airlines flight attendant in the plane’s toilet. Word spread about the air steward’s airplane romp after clips were posted on Twitter.I’m sure his boyfriend would have put Wolf in the doghouse after this! It’s safe to say the steward’s career went down the toilet. I think a lot of people would give up their careers to have sex with this hot gay pornstar. 

Find Austin Wolf exclusively on Pornhub Gay.


#2 William Seed

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William Seed is very popular throughout the gay porn industry and currently boast over 329,000 followers on twitter. You can find his twitter handle @William_Seedxxx.  He is the most viewed pornstar on He may only be average hieght at 5ft 9 but his phsyique is far from average. Some could say his spartan tattoo is a reflection of his own muscular body. Perhaps he was a spartan warrior in a past life? His emerald green eyes will lead you right to his 8 inch cock. 

Will Seed is so popular that you can even get his ass fleshlight on amazon

You can find him spreading his seed bareback on or Pornhub Gay.



#1 Zilv Gudel

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The most searched for Gay pornstar of 2019 on Pornhub Gay was Zilv Gudel. ZilvGudel gets 75000 searches per month worldwide and has 89,000 subscribers on pornhub gay. Zilv Gudel has grown popular by filming himself with his boyfriend Rourke from the comfort of their own Essex home. Their passionate love for one another is clear between the twink and his sweetheart daddy dom. The gay couple are adamant that they are not actors, they are documenting their real ‘love story’ and show their real sex life on camera.

The essex lad has gained a huge following in Vietnam with a facebook fan page made just for them! You won’t find Zilv on other pornsites as he is an amateur pornstar  exclusive to Pornhub.  They’ve even uploaded a video called “passionate quarantine fuck” to prove that despite the lockdown you can still have deliciously passionate sex with your loved one. 


Follow Zilv Gudel on twitter for the latest updates @gudelZilv 


There we have it, Pornhub's list of most searched for gay pornstars of 2019. Who was your favourite? Perhaps there's someone else who wasn't on the list that you prefer. Feel free to send us your opinion and follow us on twitter.