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Welcome to Porn for women! We at are a group of like-minded individuals who all believe in sexual equality for all genders. In a world which is full of Brexit and Trump chaos and the working days getting longer,  people are in need of a distraction. With sex being one of life’s greatest pleasures 36% of internet traffic go to one thing: Porn. 

Gone are the days where a page 3 girl in The Sun was a thing. Now everything is on the internet. It has never been easier to access porn. Whether it is erotic fiction (erotica), soft porn films, nude pics or hardcore sex videos you can find absolutely everything online. Our job at Porn For Women is to ensure that you are only provided with the best, most respectful, safe and reputable porn sites. 

According to Pornhub insights 29% of all Pornhub users worldwide are female. There has been an overall increase of women watching porn worldwide by approximately 3%. The Philippines currently has the highest female percentage of 38%! Go girls!

With the human sex ratio at 1:1 why are women still a lot less likely to watch porn? 

The porn industry is currently dominated by websites like ‘the porn dude’ who hides behind a cartoon image. ThePornDude uses misogynistic terminology and constantly refers to women as ‘bitches’ and ‘sluts’. The following image gives you an insight into the types of language you will find on his website. I’m sure you will agree with me that his use of rhetoric is not acceptable in the slightest:

porndude sexist comments porn dude com porn for women

It’s not surprising that his ‘Porn for women’ list (located at the bottom of his link farm) has only 3 sites added. He just doesn’t appear to care about what women want to read or see. We do. We care about what all people want. We want to ensure that we maintain our reputation for being a safe-for-work, sexual wellness and equality site for all.  

Often times women will avoid Porn as they are made to feel ashamed for looking. I know I personally have had this experience. For a long time I had not had the greatest opinion of pornography. Growing up in the early 90’s I had an archaic belief that pornography was just for men. My generation were given the impression that it was only men who were sexual. To add to this I had experienced several sexual partners who had the ‘wham bam thank you mam’ ideology of sex. (I know a lot of my friends have experienced this too.) Where’s the equality? Women want orgasms too! For a while I had decided that the only way for myself to orgasm was to masterbate alone, as my sexual partners seemed to not even bat an eyelid about it . 

It’s not just the idea that “porn is made just for men” that prevents women from wanting to explore pornography, there’s the pressure of performance and appearance caused by societal and media pressures. Women have been told for centuries to please, look good enough and work for the man. As women we have been taught to look at one another as a competition, instead of applauding achievements of others and admiring beauty inside and out. We have been told by the media that appearance is all that matters.

Earlier in my life my boyfriend didn’t want to sleep with me because he had an obsession with porn. His addiction meant he could only get off by watching porn and wanking alone.  You can imagine how that affected my psyche. I started to wonder what was wrong with me. What do these pornstars have that make them more sexually appealing than me? Is this what men expect real sex to be like?  How loud should i be? Am I looking pretty enough in this angle? The pornographic models have fully waxed vaginas, should I remove all of my hair? How much pubic hair should I have? Are my boobs big enough? Is my ass pert enough? Will he find me sexually attractive? 

Then there’s the content. The 2010 study undertaken by Ana. Bridges in her "Aggression and sexual behaviour in best-selling pornography videos: a content analysis update” contained many interesting statistics. Bridge’s investigated into 304 scenes from some of the best selling pornography videos. The results showed that “over 96% of all scenes concluded with a male performer ejaculating onto the body of his female partner.” 62% of scenes analysed ended in facial cumshots. What is a cum facial? This is where the male performer pulls out of his partner and decides to ejaculate onto the woman’s or man’s face. Now I’m not saying that women don’t like having cum sprayed onto their face. Some (especially more submissive types) definitely will. Others believe this is completely derogatory to women. Although we understand both sides we highly doubt 62% of all women want their pornographic content to end by a man cumming on a girl’s face. There needs to be porn films that cater to everyone’s turn ons.

There are many great things about pornography [as long as the pornographic websites contain consensual, 18+, healthy and safe adults].  For starters Porn is a great educational tool. We can’t all rely on Sexual Education in schools to teach us how the birds and the bees work! How else are we going to see how Kim Kardashian became famous or learn how to perform the positions in the Kama Sutra? Porn is a great platform in which you can explore your sexuality and find out what arouses you.  You may even be inspired to try something new with your partner. On the best porn sites your sexuality or gender will not be judged and you can be free to be your true self. PornforWomen will only recommend websites that make their viewers feel accepted and welcome regardless of race, gender or sexual preference. 

It’s now 2019 and with the “Me Too Movement”, the transparency of gender inequality, and with frequent sexual harassment being brought to media attention, women are finally able to feel free to speak out. We no longer have to feel like sexual objects. We can be empowered to express ourselves sexually and explore our sexualities. We can change the industry together to make a more accepting and healthy internet. This is why we felt the need to have a website tailored for porn for her.

Although we are focussing on providing content that we believe will appeal to the ladies, we want everyone regardless of gender to feel welcome here. Our goal is to end sexual health and sexuality taboos. 

Welcome to Porn For Women.

With Love,


CEO Porn for Women